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Pillow up

Pillow up

Winner 2nd Prize RE:FRAME design contest

De Pillow up pillows offer a complement to your furniture inside as well as outside. As the name suggests, the pillows can be easily stacked. Because an elastic is attached to the smallest pillow, the entire stack can be stable and firmly linked together. This capability offers the user an extra seat in many situations.           

By using recycled scaffolding and matching rings, this product has a sturdy and striking appearance. In addition, the ring in the middle of each pillow ensures that water from a rain shower or a drink can easily slide away. This cocky pile can obviously also be taken apart, allowing the pillows to be used seperately.

Material: recycled scaffolding (frontlit), rings, elastic, filling
Colour: various
Dimensions: stacked 55 x 70 x 70 cm, loose pillows from 35 x 35 cm to 70 x 70 cm

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